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What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is one of the best web-based software programs ever developed that has a bunch­­­­ of amazing features attached to it than just a memorable name. Seeing how the team of developers for this simple to use software application have carefully studied, taken, combined and incorporated the key elements of effective marketing and advertising into their design, Funnelytics is no doubt an indispensable tool in the business world.

The sole aim of funnelytics was to provide a comprehensive overview of a complete sales funnel. Also, with flawless incorporation of analytics, funnelytics has made it easier to determine the barrier between each section of your Sales Funnel.

In what way does having the ability to instantly fish out less performing steps in a sales funnel benefits you?

It directly points you to where a greater percentage of your focus should be, in your bid to enhance sales funnel conversions.

Sales Funnel in Funnelytics

Before I came across funnelytics platform, I was initially looking for something to replace my data tracking software. However, when I started using it, I began to stumble on one new feature or the other within the software application. Every day was another amazement as I gradually realized that funnelytics functions were way beyond analytics alone. It was an interactive plan for constructing a very lucrative and profitable business.

I always believed sales funnel was my forte, but when I checked the vault, I immediately came to the light that my knowledge of the concepts of Sales Funnel was minute.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is simply the technique involved in converting visitors to leads or sales through a series of small steps.

This technique is not a new practice in the business world, it has been around for over a hundred years. However, most of the Internet marketing professionals taught themselves, therefore missing out on some essential lessons of these kinds of methods.

Lead Magnet Funnel in Funnelytics

Although the goal of Funnels is the same, they have their uniqueness to various businesses. They have proven to increase the efficiency and profitability of the sales process, by specifying the necessary steps a visitor needs to attain at each phase.

Employing this technique gives a business the ability to track the progress of the visitor within this specified purchasing procedure. This information is powerful, as it allows the business to record the conversion rate between each phase.

From a 1,000 foot sight, a company can take the conversion rate from each phase and also draw them on a graph. As well as on that particular graph, the fifty percent form of a funnel will certainly arise. That's why the name is the sales funnel.

Is it necessary for every company [Online or Offline] to have a Sales Funnel?

The answer is yes!

The ultimate advantage is the enablement it gives business to monitor the performance of each phase of the sales journey. Let's assume the first few steps in sales funnels went great, and a sale had already been made, but the checkout procedure seems puzzling. The clear picture leveraging a sales funnel guarantees makes it painless to identify and also improve the fault. Seeing the numbers is everything!

Now, the main disadvantage of a sales funnel is an absence of precision in its measurement. As internet marketing professionals, it is easy to be blinded by the low traffic we generate, leading us to assume that our website isn't making money. without a comprehensive analysis of or sales funnel, it is almost impossible to understand what exactly is repelling potential clients away from our website.

Any business owner that is willing to skyrocket his revenue should not joke with analytics. There is numerous software available for getting Analytics data but they are just too complicated. Unlike Funnelytics which is very easy to use, many of these software requires you to go through a learning curve before understanding how they work.

Every effective business currently utilizes these techniques. Do you know what happens when you incorporate analytics and sales funnels?

Funnelytics is the solution. A software application that bridges the gap between organizing a sales procedure and measuring its progress, therefore providing the industry with a groundbreaking solution to sales conversion problems. A team of experts led by Mikael Dia is responsible for this breakthrough. unfortunately, many of us have never heard of it.

Funnelytics in essence incorporates the sales funnels with the information collection of analytics. In addition to the convenience of this dual functionality, they have further made this application easy to utilize by employing the drag and drop feature, like any one of the mind mapping software programs available in the market.

"Greater than simply a software program, Funnelytics assists by visualization."

Judging by the functionality of these software applications, it is clear to see that the developers worked towards one straightforward objective — assisting online companies in achieving effective coordination, and properly mapping out their sales funnels.

This is highly beneficial to us, the marketing experts as it enables us to have a bird's eye view of all the action going down.

Funnelytics is a self-selling product as the remarkable possibilities it offers are enticing to every business owner. On seeing the power of the funnelytics software, they immediately hit the sign up button for two major reasons

1. IT IS AN EYE OPENER: Funnelytics shows where the numbers are not up to par, so they immediately know where to make the necessary adjustments.

2. CONFIDENCE: through the software they realize what they ought to do to retain their customers and hold down new site visitors. Therefore, the fear of competitors stealing their customers is erased.

This is the reason they easily discuss their best strategies with the Funnelytics group. These funnels are stored in an area called The Vault. I'll explain the functionality of the vault later in this article.

Let's take a look at how to go about building the maps in Funnelytics or Visually Mapping your Sales Funnel.

The "Mapping canvas" is where all the design jobs are done. The function of this mapping area is as fantastic as the name sounds. This is where you'll get busy, mapping up your Funnel.

It is quite interesting to use, as it also utilizes the same drag and drop system that can be found in various other mind mapping software programs. All you need to is to click, hold, and drag any item to your desired position within your made funnel.

Quick steps to locate the mapping canvas

- look for funnels on the left side of the navigating bar and click on it.

- You will land on an empty control panel.

- Now look to near the top right for "Create Funnel", click on that and you are on the mapping canvas.

To your left, 5 tabs contain the significant classifications you will need to draw up your funnel. Each of these choices requires you to drag and drop an element.

Let's take a brief look at each of these elements.

Here are the ELEMENTS


With up to fifteen alternatives already provided and represented by their corresponding icons, you shouldn't look hard before you find what you need.

However, in some cases where you may not find the specific page you need, you are at liberty to use the "generic" page. This is an aspect utilized as a catch-all, nevertheless, you choose. I utilize it for various web pages such as; about us, homepage, blog posts, and also those that do not have a clear action.


In the image below, you can see that virtually all of the commonest web traffic sources have already been included. There are social media sites, search website traffic, paid advertising and marketing, e-mail, and a host of others.

Traffic Elements in

If your preferred source is not amongst the ones provided, then your focus should be on the choice tagged "Source." This is the catch-all choice for website traffic-related. The already available options are just the right ones for me, so I haven't considered utilizing the "source." All of this traffic use UTM parameter to differentiate where the traffic comes.


Since this aspect is action-specific, 8 choices have been made available. Detailed objectives are established for each phase of your sales funnel through the use of these actions.

For example, when Facebook advertisements pop up the very first choice isn't most likely to be "buy." Instead, they are accompanied by a collection of activities that include something like: See Sales Video Clip, Click Advertisement, Purchase, and Add to Cart. It is necessary to track each of these activities if you must have an efficient evaluation of the sales funnel.


Various choices in this aspect are readily available to aid offline activities. They cut across marketing tools to telephone calls and also meetings.

For most intricate sales, it is impossible to close a consumer on a site and so such deals are concluded on the phone. Also, this is where you will find the offline actions associated with your sales funnel.


This category offers you a blank space where you can store the Sales funnels you utilize regularly. It allows for easy duplicating your winning Sales Funnel anytime you need it.

Here is a free template. Look nice!

Personalizing the Elements

Personalizing your funnel is simpler than you think. When you have an element on the mapping canvas, left click to see the options bar. They will immediately be listed below the icon.

Click the "gear" option," to have access to the settings. Spending lots of time is inevitable while personalizing each element, so don't be afraid to put in the hours.

What is Funnelytics Vault?

If you are starting with little or zero idea on how sales funnels should look like, this is where you should begin. The Funnelytics Vault is where you will find all of the pre-made sales funnels.

The first 6 funnels are common and can be seen as the foundation for bigger funnels. They are used for carrying out surveys, signing up for webinars, generating leads, completing applications, driving product sales, and also organizing mini-classes. Although they are limited in but have very useful for basic sales funnel structure and you can have access to them via the free subscription.

Above is an example of Funnelytics Premium Vault

However, the Premium 43 (and also counting) templates which of course require you to be on the premium subscription, are sales funnels that have been drawn up from highly effective profitable online companies. It may interest you to know that you are likely to stumble on a sales funnel by one of your most admired marketing experts in this premium vault.

Premium subscription is no doubt the best deal. It offers you access to the entire sales funnel of reputable companies, including the advertisements, the sales pages, and all other details. This would help the marketer to have variety idea how this vault help them to build a funnel

They also include a video clip review, in which every action is described and all the procedures are evaluated by the Funnelytics group. This will ensure that you gradually walk in the path of these successful marketers.

What is Funnelytics tracking script?

After mapping a funnel for your website, all you have to do is install the tracking code on your website in the body tag, funnelytics will take it from there. All activities such as click, opt-in email automatically be tracked appropriately.

While mapping, ensure that clickable web links have the arrow web links in between elements for the software to show the tracking of data.

I strongly suggest viewing the interesting training videos on their help desk for knowledge on how to set up links.

Tracking Script helps to visually see traffic in real-time.

Final Perception

The Funnelytics group deserves all the applauds for developing an item that can positively transform the lives of company owners and online marketing experts.

The software program is in no way complicated. It is also pocket-friendly, as there numerous levels of subscription available. Even as a free member one can develop winning funnels.

However as a premium member you do not only have access to all of the design templates, but also to chests of information consisting of ever-increasing videos swipe files.

As incredible has this software is, Mikael and his team haven't folded their arms just yet, rather they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve their software application.

I can confidently say that this software sells itself. Funnelytics will surely find its way to the top of your everyday tools sooner than you think

Funnelytics PRO Price - Visually Tracking Conversion ⭐



measure & optimize

how customers flow through your funnel/website

✅ 3 Workspaces (Additional workspaces billed at $9/m)

✅ Track & Measure Customers, Leads, Revenue and more

✅ Track any Custom Action on your Pages (clicks, video views, etc)

✅ Visualize Conversions on the Funnelytics canvas

✅ Compare Forecast vs Real Metrics

✅ Priority Chat Support

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